What’s your impostor type?

Your impostor syndrome is not a uni-dimensional and predictable beast. It shows up in ways that, at a first glance, seem perfectly sensible, almost reasonable! I mean, of course you want to deliver perfect products to your client, why shouldn’t you, right?

Well… it’s right up until the point you keep postponing to hand in your work because it’s not perfect yet… or until you start researching a new method to deliver the same results, procrastinating on doing the actual work.

self-confidence is a super power.png

Your impostor is sneaky and clever and it will often trick you in thinking that you’re working harder and better while it’s making you paddle in the kiddies pool as hard as if you were in the ocean.

Not fun, right?

It wasn’t fun for me either and it took me a while to recognise that my desire for perfection was instead my fear of failure creeping up.

I often joke that I’m a recovering perfectionist and it’s so true. It took all my willpower to release this content AS IT IS. I’m prioritising progress over perfection but it’s always a work in progress and I need to keep focused on the end goal otherwise it’s easy to fall back into old patterns.

Check out this infographic to identify how your impostor is manifesting in your life and your work.

It can be one way or multiple ways but the good news is that self-awareness is power! Facing your fears and mind gremlins will allow you to overcome them and to emerge as winner.

You know that you suffer from impostor syndrome and you’re done with it? I can help you banish your impostor so that you can finally show up in your business and your life without limitations and self-doubts. You deserve to feel confident, competent and respected and above all, you deserve to discover how different your life could be if you weren’t held back by your negative self-talk.

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