What Got You Here Will Not Get You There

"What Got You Here Will Not Get You There" is a book by Marshall Goldsmith.
It's also what a mentor told me some years ago when I was applying for a promotion.

I had just finished showing him my career plan and he immediately noticed that I was going to do MORE but all things I had already done before.

What he was telling me was probably obvious but I was so wrapped up in doing more, all the things, that I kept overworking myself adding volume to my CV instead of doing LESS work but more impactful projects.

I don't know exactly at which stage you're in your business but no matter if you're just starting up planning your initial steps or if you're a veteran ready for your next big move... this is useful to remember every time you'll be tempted to fall into the busyness without strategy.

Working hard doesn't automatically equal progress. You could move arms and legs for hours, tiring yourself but you're not going to move forward if you're still playing in the kiddies pool.

Challenge yourself, look for opportunities that can help you LEARN new approaches or skills. Don't be afraid to be a beginner, learning new things. You still have the expert knowledge you acquired in other areas but you need to add another layer to embody the skills and talents necessary for your next jump forward.

However, and that’s the trick to maintain your confidence in your abilities… make sure to still do some of the things you excel at. If you do only new things, you’re going to doubt yourself, to question your abilities and that would lead you to nurture your impostor syndrome instead of slaying it.


Now, before you lose momentum, write down 2-3 things that you could do this month to get closer to your goals. What are the first steps you can take today? Contact someone? Send an email? Prepare a pitch?

You can do it.


If you can’t shake your impostor syndrome and wish you had someone in your corner to support you and to tell you WHAT to do and HOW… I’m only a call away and I’m ready to help you, if you are ready to do the work.