By accessing your personal power, you can achieve "presence", the state in which you stop worrying about the impression you're making on others and instead adjust the impression you’ve been making on yourself.

Spoiler Alert: It’s possible to believe you’re worthy, capable, and ready to have the life you want.



Yes! You can develop a strong inner confidence that will not waiver under constant self-doubts. Yes! You can be in charge of your life because you recognise the value you bring to your clients and your business with your unique blend of skills, experience and personality. You don’t need to become a different person to feel confident, quite the opposite.

As a business owner, you know that collaboration and sharing are effective methods to scale up and grow, however when it comes to your personal business… you may not want to share it with a group. I get you. Allow me to help you in a 1:1 setting.

No fluff, vague affirmations or law of attraction. While I’m open to spirituality, I believe in the law of cause and effect. I use cognitive psychology-based techniques and insights gained from years of coaching and empowering women like you who were held back by their doubts, inner criticism and worries about other people’s opinions. Your inner mentor has been playing second chair to your inner critic for too long and we’re going to let it take center stage. You can say goodbye to your impostor syndrome!

But right now things might look like this:

  • You feel like a fraud even when you’re successful

  • You receive a negative comment and you obsess over it for hours, if not days

  • You wonder when people will ‘find out’ that you’re not that good after all

  • You don’t like selling or promoting yourself as you feel pushy or sleazy

  • You don’t say what you truly think because you worry about other people’s opinion of you

  • You want to be independent but also to be liked… and it’s not working out

  • You can’t establish healthy boundaries and end up doing too many things for others… and regret it

We can change all this. You can become bulletproof to all that noise stopping you from shining bright.

Right now things are confusing but only because you don’t know what’s going on inside your brain. You are constantly bombarded by external pressures, by society, family, partners offering, most of the time with the best intentions, their opinions and suggestions. It’s no wonder that you can’t distinguish anymore what you truly want from what others want for you and from you.

You may also carry with you learned behaviours and mindset that are not serving you anymore, a weight you keep with you because you don’t even see it anymore. You got used to it and you need someone else to shine a light on it and tell you how to let it go.

During our 3 months together, you will learn to…

look forward.png

Overcome The Impostor Syndrome

Your doubts and lack of self-confidence have been holding you back. You will learn easy and proven techniques to enhance your positive self-beliefs and banish the mind monkeys that make you doubt your capabilities and talent.

I will also teach you my “Inner Mentor GPS” technique that will allow you to play big in all areas, own your expertise and feel worthy of your results and earnings.


Maximise Your Strengths

You have special skills and unique abilities. We will identify and leverage them so that you can build a success’ strategy based on your zone of genius. This approach will allow you to showcase your potential in a way that feels natural to you and gives you the BEST results.


Promote Yourself With Ease

Your self-worth plays a huge part in how you present yourself to the world. You are your own brand and you need to promote your work and results to gain the respect and recognition necessary to level up your business. The clarity you’ll gain about your strengths and the ability to overcome self-doubt will allow you to step into the spotlight with no hesitation and to communicate openly with ease and alignment.

“I have had several face to face sessions with Nicoletta and was so impressed and inspired by them. She is a great mixture of down to earth and easy to meet and .. highly inspiring. She helped me find the confidence I needed to start moving towards making the changes I was wanting and needing to make in my working life and she is still there beside me cheering me on. Thank you Nicoletta!” Helen B. - Virtual Assistant

You will:

  • Connect and easily tap into your inner mentor for guidance, insight and wisdom removing the external influences

  • Find and own your boss voice and leadership stle without compromising yourself or your values

  • Manage the fears and doubts that come when you pivot or uplevel

  • Take the mental chaos out of your daily routine

  • Prevent burnout before it starts and treat it before it seriously affects you and your business

  • Build healthy boundaries that keep your energy at max and your value intact

  • Create the unique, tailor-made big picture vision for your business that can only come when you reach inner confidence in your strengths

How it works:

  • We beging with a video call (on Zoom) where I learn where you’ve been, where you’re at, where it hurts or feels stuck, and where you want to go next.

  • We start to create a vision for the person you want to be and the life and business you want to have.

  • We keep talking in real time on Voxer, a voice messaging app. As you go about your day, you ask your questions and share your insight, and then you get on with building your dream business

  • We have weekly calls so you gain momentum, support and accountability

  • Monday-Friday, 10am to 6pm, CET, I answer and work with you through your thoughts and questions.

  • You know exactly what to do to increase and develop your confidence.

Prefer voice-only or no scheduled support?

No problem, we can also move, after the first meeting, to Voxer/messages only ongoing support and coordinate ad-hoc meetings.

Need a Confidence Booster?

Don’t need to go that deep?

Just need my take on a pressing issue or a confidence booster after a setback?

I’ve got you there too. Book yourself in to get going right away.

We know it - more confidence = more opportunities

And those chances will not find you… if you’re not putting yourself out there consistently and promoting your services in the best possible way.

You deserve to be seen as the star player you already are. To feel confident that you’re getting in front of the people who need you the most.

And all you need is finally slay your impostor syndrome to build your success in 2019.

You are enough. Your skills are enough. By working together, we’ll create a strategy to broadcast your efforts in a way that feels good to you.

No more doubts or excuses. Just hands-on guidance to help you go from hidden team player to leader of your life.


And believe me, that’s the most remarkable breakthrough you’ll ever feel.

“Before knowing Nicoletta, my self-esteem was almost zero. I thought I wasn’t as good as others and I was constantly afraid of other people’s opinion. After only 3 weeks into this programme, I can recognise my talents and I feel more confident about myself and my abilities. Nico is a specialist in her field and she makes each step easy for me but also very effective! The results are visible so fast that I feel always motivated to go on with this journey. If you need help to overcome your impostor syndrome and to work on your self-esteem, gift yourself the opportunity to work with Nico!” Barbara B. - Beauty and Style Counsellor

Develop the confidence you need

to build the success you want.

Silencing the inner criticism and reconnecting to your inner mentor, you’ll create a core of confidence as strong as a diamond.

“Nicoletta’s 1:1 programme has been inspiring and effective and she has been so generous with her time and provided a warm friendly environment where I felt safe to express myself. I was confused and I didn’t know what to do with my career as everyone else had an opinion on it and I couldn’t understand what I truly wanted. There was too much noise in my head and I didn’t feel confident to make the right choice. Thanks to our work together, I learned to tune into my inner mentor and I created healthy boundaries with my partner and my family and Nico helped me to finally feel strong enough to do it. I’m feeling awesome now, I know what I want to do and that I can do it and I can’t recommend Nicoletta enough!” Claire M. - Lifestyle Blogger (ex engineer)

“Before working with Nico, my self-esteem had always been very low and I didn’t believe in myself and my abilities. Thanks to Nico’s programme and coaching, I had amazing breakthroughs not only in my business but in my whole life! I gained awareness of my inner critic that always showed me things under a negative light and I started behaving in a different way with my colleagues because I started seeing the value of my work and of my personal opinion, that in the past I would always put in second place. Not anymore as I found the courage to go after my dream business and I feel full of energy e positivity as I saw progress in so many areas where I was stuck from years! I’m getting ready to start my new business and I can’t wait for it! Working with Nico changed my life.” Sonia D. - Work Security Advisor

“Nico is a fantastic coach, she has helpful ideas and thinks outside the box on any issue you bring to her.” Gina B. - Data Analyst

You have a choice…

You can keep doing the same things you have done so far, and keep getting the same results you’ve been getting (if you’re still reading this page, I’m guessing those results haven’t been great)...

Or, you can draw a line in the sand, put your foot down, and say ENOUGH already with doubting yourself.

You’re ready to own your talents in a HUGE way to level up your confidence in the next 6 months and beyond.

So what will it be?

You haven’t come this far…just to come this far.