Track Your Mood = Understand Your Feelings

Are you feeling down, unsure of why and devoid of motivation to work on your business?

I get you. Entrepreneurship is one of the most difficult endevours and you are constantly challenging yourself and exposing your work to other people’s opinion online and in person.

Your mood is affected by your thoughts, your thoughts are affected by your actions.

The Mood Tracker allows you to have an overview of how you feel daily and to reflect on what happened that could have influenced your feelings, thoughts and actions.

You can simply take this idea and implement it in your current journal or planner, however if you love printables as much as I do, you can download your copy here.

Simpler version with no emoji, ready for your drawing skills, can be downloaded here.

Have you tracked your mood for a week but still unsure about the root cause that’s making you demotivated or depleted of energy?

Would you like to have someone in your corner helping you step by step so you don’t have to second-guess yourself anymore?

Book a call to discuss which of my programs is better suited to make you reclaim your confidence and enthusiasm in the shortest amount of time.