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Six Things You Can To Do Today To Feel Relaxed

I'm so happy to see you again!

I took a break from writing and from my projects because I started feeling overwhelmed and very tired as if my body couldn't catch up with what my brain was trying to achieve. I kept continually thinking about the blog, the course and above all, about you special ladies. You are the reason I write and the reason I want to do something useful and meaningful with my days.

My goal with Poise to Shine is to help women become more confident, assertive and able to put themselves first when necessary. I believe self-care is the first easy step that can be done to achieve those goals and that's why I focus so much on that in my messages on social media. I also believe that having a goal helps to think outside the box, away from the daily tasks and duties that we all experience.

Official holidays, such as Easter, Summer school break etc. can be quite demanding on your mood and energy level, either because you need to dedicate time to your family or because you're far away from them. 

I'm away from my enlarged family, but I had my mother in law over for a week, and while I love her to bits, I tend to focus so much on other people and making sure they are fine that I forget about my priorities and needs. How ironic is it that I'm here preaching to you to take care of yourself when I forget to do the same? ^^

I took few days off from work, and I plan to recharge my batteries sleeping, reading and just enjoying my days. Do you have any holiday or time-off planned?

Is there something that you can do today or tomorrow without having to wait for another long weekend or your next vacation?

Few ideas that you can do at home to relax and recharge your energy levels

These are just a few ideas that you can do at home that will help you recharge your energy levels:

  • Yoga - there are plenty of free videos on YouTube that you can follow with little to no equipment or preparation

  • Meditation - I recommend two apps that have a free trial version: Calm and Headspace. Invest time in your tranquillity and peace of mind!

  • Aroma Diffuser - I love essential oils and the scent of freshly squeezed lemon diffused in my studio. Get a cheap diffuser or burn a perfumed candle to create a warm feeling in your favourite room

  • Warm Drink - this option is often overlooked, but a warm drink (tea, chamomile, coffee) will soothe you and relax you. Add few bits of fresh ginger to your tea to activate its healing properties!

  • Hugs - You may laugh, but closeness with another human being or your favourite pet will lower your stress levels considerably. Hugs should last at least 30 seconds to experience their benefit!

  • Power of Music - it used to work when we were teenagers, and it still does. Put on your favourite song, ideally one with a positive message and upbeat sound. Sing, dance or merely hum to its tune. How are you feeling now?

Meditation leads to a calm mind and creativity

Did you notice what these things have in common?? It's all about you! Your favourite song, your favourite scent, person, drink, etc. It's also entirely about your mental health and taking time to self-care and love yourself, your mind and your body.

Take care of yourself and share in the comments what else you do to relax and recharge! <3