The 5 Steps To Reach Your Dreams

I have been thinking a lot about dreams, goals and motivation lately. Tony Robbins said:

In life you need either inspiration or desperation

When I saw that quote it sounded harsh and almost like a punch in the stomach. It resonated within myself and I recognized its truth. 

I experienced both emotions and I agree that to jump-start a change in life we often wait for an external event that will push us to do something, to act and change our situation.  

In the past, I changed job because I couldn’t see myself walking another day into that office and I moved country because I wanted more from my environment and my hometown was feeling too small for my dreams. 

Another reason why I have been thinking about motivation is because I have been talking to people who are unhappy in their current job but they are still ok enough that they don’t want to change. They are comfortable. They are lacking the inner motivation to change their situation.

If comfort is what you are looking for, then good for you! I’m happy if you created a lifestyle that makes you contented with what you have. However if you have that feeling of being stuck, unhappy or simply unsatisfied, comfort is your enemy because it will not help you to challenge yourself and your limits. It’s human to relax and get a bit complacent if things are easy and you’re comfortable with them.  

Mid-January I talked a lot about habits and how one action a day can build ongoing change and progress to your life. How is that working out for you?  

If you managed to build a routine in these months,  you’re already ahead of so many other people! It’s easy to get sidetracked and to lose momentum but that’s exactly why you need to build habits and not rely on inspiration to get things done!  

Determination and not inspiration will take you closer to your goals!  

5 Steps To Reach Your Dreams

These are the main tips that will take you closer to your dreams: 

  • a clear vision of what you want

  • plan your first steps

  • act every day to fulfil your dream

  • review if your actions are working

  • adapt and continue

When things are not working out, don’t give up! Don’t change your goals thinking they can’t be reached! You need to adapt what you have been doing and continue working on it! That’s really the secret sauce successful people used to get where they are now! 

Successful people are not born successful but they kept trying until they reached their goals. It sounds too simple until you try it. The challenge will come when results are not coming in as fast as you expected. I'm going through the same challenge and at times it's hard to keep going until I get a message from someone who found value in my posts or emails and then everything has a meaning again and my commitment to my goals is renewed. What helps you renew your commitment and motivation? Capitalize on those moments and revisit them when things get tough! 

Keep Your Eyes On Your Dreams and Never Give Up

There is one element that could slow you down and demotivate you: the loneliness. Chasing your dreams is often a lonely endeavor as you are the only one really involved in the process, so please surround yourself with like minded people! They might not share your same goals but they will generate the same type of energy you are creating, they are attuned to your pitch and they can support your efforts as they are going through the same challenges.  

Another important step is to remove the nay-sayers from your circle of friends and focus on having a strong support group that respects your goals.  It’s unfortunate but often your closest friends will not understand why you are trying to change things and why you are working so hard to build a different life and it’s OK. Don’t expect from them something they can’t give you and that would sour the relationship, however find another support network. I know you can do it on your own, I believe in you but things will go faster and in a nicer way if you have a bit of company along the way ;) If you haven't already, check out my posts about why you need allies to succeed!

What type of support would you like or need? What did you have to change in your approach to reach your goals?  Let me know in the comments or email me directly!

Keep moving and never give up!

Keep Going Towards Your Dreams And Never Give Up