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Why To Succeed You Need Strong Allies

You may have heard the saying “no man is an island” and that’s applicable to all of us. You may be surrounded by people and still feel lonely or unsupported. You may have a loving partner but you're still missing someone interested in your side hustle or new project. Do you feel like other people have all the answers while you're still chasing after your dream job or finding your passion? 

What do other people have that you don't? What's the secret advantage they have over you?

Their secret is that they're surrounded not by competitors but by strong collaborators!

You have been missing an ally, someone who is motivated as you are and who can share your enthusiasm and interest.



To succeed in life, be it on career love or your new business venture, there are three types of supporters that can highly speed up your success and support you along the way. 


2. Mentor  

3. Sponsor

You might have looked around for someone more experienced to learn from and, if you’re lucky, you might have found a good mentor to help you navigate the insidious waters of office politics, academic publishing and similar challenges towards your next promotion.

Allies are motivated people like you, going through some of your same challenges. They might have a different approach from yours and also face different experiences but you need them so you can learn from them, share your learning moments and make each other stronger. If you are surrounded by other strong competitors, you will become stronger as well to continue to measure up to their level and also because it’s easier to maintain motivation and focus when surrounded by others doing the same.

Success feeds on success. 

Think about a football or basketball team. Every player may have their individual moment to shine however together they are the team and they will win or lose as a team.  

Discovering that I needed allies to succeed has been a turning point in my career and self-development and I am confident it can be for you too.

I mentioned before that there are different type of supporters and they are all important. Mentors can guide you and advise you through their own experience and they don't have direct influence over your career progression but they care about your success as you developed a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

Sponsors are people who can influence your career and decided to support you but have no personal stakes in your success. 



We live in a society focused on scarcity. We're often competing for few top jobs, opportunities, the "once in a lifetime" chance to be happy. The truth is that there are innumerable opportunities for everyone and I discovered that as I expanded my network to include motivated and creative people working in a huge variety of roles, such as entrepreneurs, actors, coaches, etc. The people aiming to your same career path, promotion, slot in a limited program, are not your enemy, they can be your strongest asset as they push you to become better, stronger, more prepared than they are. Don't confuse allies with friends, those are two separate things and if you're lucky at times they can overlap, however allies will not be a shoulder to cry on but they will be there for you when you want to brainstorm new ways to improve a process at work or rehearse the last lesson to ace the upcoming exams.

You are as strong as the people around you. If you don't know where to start to find like-minded people, check what's available locally through Meet Up or similar options . Online groups are very good, especially if you're interested in a specific niche and social medias shine in this area as they can easily connect you with people all over the world, who are also reaching out to connect with other inspiring individuals, such as yourself! 

Expand your network, there are unlimited opportunities out there waiting for you to find them, invent them, build them. Don't do everything alone though, learn from others and share your experience with them. Collaboration is the fast road to succeed and to reach your goals.

Let me know here below how you plan to find strong allies or if you have already found them! 

To succeed, find a group of people who challenge you, inspire you and support your goals. Surround yourself with people that have a positive impact on your life and you'll reach your goals faster!